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Introducing our top-of-the-line tactical dog harness, a blend of comfort, control, and durability that’s perfect for your furry friend. Crafted from breathable air cushion fabric, it keeps your dog’s back cool and comfy during walks or outings. The built-in handle adds an extra layer of control, especially in bustling places. With a versatile MOLLE system for attaching accessories and a Velcro-ready undershirt for personalized patches, this harness is adaptable to your needs. It’s easily adjustable to ensure a snug fit for any dog, while the quick-release metal buckles offer extra security. Choose from a range of classic colors – Black, Brown or Green – and rest assured it’s made with tough 1000D military-grade nylon fabric and breathable mesh for long-lasting use and your dog’s comfort.
  • Breathable and Comfortable: Made with air cushion fabric for a soft, breathable, and dry fit that keeps your dog comfortable.
  • Handle for Control: Designed with a handle for easy control, ensuring your dog’s safety in crowded areas or when crossing the street.
  • MOLLE System Compatibility: Equipped with MOLLE webbing to mount various kits and attach Velcro badges.
  • Adjustable Size: Features an adjustable buckle design to ensure a perfect fit for your dog.
  • Velcro Compatibility: Velcro on the undershirt allows you to attach your favorite armband or patches.
  • Even Pressure Distribution: Ensures uniform pressure distribution for your dog’s comfort during wear.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Aluminum alloy grommets and quick-release metal buckles are lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Secure Closure: Quick-release metal buckles with reinforced forks prevent the dog from breaking free.
  • Variety of Colors: Available in a range of colors, including Black, Black Khaki, Green Khaki, Green, and Khaki.
  • Military-Grade Materials: Crafted from 1000D military-grade nylon fabric and breathable mesh for durability and comfort.
Available in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large. MEDIUM
  • Neck: 17-28 IN.
  • Bust: 20-30 IN.
  • Waist: 33-66 LBS.
  • Neck: 22-34 IN.
  • Bust: 26-36 IN.
  • Waist: 66-99 LBS.
  • Neck: 28-38 IN.
  • Bust: 34-45 IN.
  • Waist: 99-132 LBS.


Tactical Dog Harness 1
No escape artists here—our stainless steel metal buckles on both sides of the harness are engineered for long-lasting durability and and a secure closure that says ‘no’ to any escape plans. With 360° surround protection, a rounded design, reinforced hooks, and adjustable straps to fit your dog’s size perfectly, your dog stays safe and comfy from sunrise to sunset.
Tactical Dog Harness 2 - Handle
Built-in control handle is all about practicality. The ergonomic design ensures a secure hold for immediate guidance or restraint, and guarantees your comfort in its grip. Whether navigating crowded streets or mastering new commands, our harness with a built-in control handle is a seamless blend of functionality, comfort, and control.
Tactical Dog Harness 3 - Air Cushion Fabric
Crafted with care from air cushion fabric, known for its exceptional softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking qualities, our harness ensures your dog stays comfortable and dry, no matter the activity. Our padded harness maintains even pressure distribution, prioritizing your dog’s comfort during extended walks and reducing strain for a more enjoyable, pain-free experience.
Tactical Dog Harness 4 - Double Leash Attachment Points
Double the control, double the options. Our dog harness comes equipped with a versatile design featuring two leash attachment points. Fasten the leash at the front of the harness for added control, or attach it right next to the convenient control handle. It’s your call—because when it comes to walks, we provide options to suit your preferred style of control and training.

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trevor kelly

Essential harness for assured canine comfort.

celestia dusk

Tactical features make a difference.

deirbhile obrien

Fashion meets function in this harness.

alonso bustamante

Experience the ease and elegance of this harness.

thistle dusk

Pleased with this harness

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