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Introducing our dynamic Running Dog Leash, a remarkable companion that enhances your jogging sessions alongside your furry friend. This leash has been meticulously crafted to ensure that you can run hands-free, focusing on your pace while ensuring that your dog is safe and comfortably alongside you. Infused with a user-friendly design, the leash features reflective accents that ensure visibility during early morning or late evening runs, promoting a safer environment for both you and your pet. Constructed from durable materials that stand up to the energetic vibes of running, the leash embodies a sense of durability and resistance against everyday challenges. The leash’s unique hands-free design allows it to comfortably wrap around your waist, ensuring that your running posture remains unaffected while maintaining a close connection with your pet. The integrated bungee system minimizes the impact of sudden pulls or changes in direction, ensuring a smoother running experience.  
  1. Hands-Free Running & Reflective Safety Accents: Enhances your jogging experience and ensures high visibility during early morning or late evening runs.
  2. Durable Material & Waist Wrap Design: Resists wear and tear, comfortably wraps around your waist.
  3. Integrated Bungee System: Minimizes impact from sudden pulls, providing a smoother running experience.
  4. User-Friendly & Enhanced Safety: Easy to use, prioritizing safety for both you and your dog.
  5. Comfortable for Your Pet & Remarkable Craftsmanship: Ensures your dog’s comfort and is meticulously crafted for active runners.
  6. Versatile, Stylish, and Ideal for Outdoor Activities: Suitable for various dog breeds, complements your active lifestyle, and is perfect for outdoor adventures.
  7. Adjustable Length & Secure Clasp: Easily adjustable and features a strong clasp.
  8. Comfortable Grip & Easy to Clean: Provides a comfortable hold and is designed for easy maintenance.
  9. Various Colors & Complete Running Companion: Offers color options and enhances the bond with your dog during runs.
  • Belt Bag: 11.4 inches L x 4.1 inches W
  • Hands Free Leash: 1 inch width, 48 inches long – expands up to 5 feet
  • Recommended Pet Weight: 20 – 110 lbs
  • Nylon, Bungee, Reflective


Running Leash 1 - Bungee & Reflective
Ease into every stride—our leash goes the extra mile with an elastic bungee cord that can withstand over 400KF tensile force, minimizing shock and strain on both you and your pup’s joints. Plus, safety doesn’t take a break—integrated reflective strips amp up visibility during those nighttime adventures. Because every walk should be a breeze, day or night.
Running Leash 2 - Dual Handles
Double the handles, double the control. Our leash is armed with two EVA foam-padded handles. When precision matters in crowded situation, grab the handle for close handling. When freedom is the goal, switch to the second handle for a bit of distance. Take the lead on any walk, anytime, because every stroll is a dynamic experience, and your leash should keep up with your pace.
Running Leash 3 - Dual Hooks
Strength in every link—our leash features dual chrome hooks, engineered for durability. The stainless steel hardware won’t rust in any weather and can handle the toughest tugs and pulls. Easily clasp onto any collar and start every walk with peace of mind that your furry friend is held by a force that won’t yield.
Running Leash 4 - Complete Set
Go hands-free with our leash’s adjustable bag and extra stainless steel ring. Let your dog roam within your reach—and with the movable ring, they can explore all sides without breaking free. The practical waist pouch for treats, doggy bags, or your own essentials, keeps you moving with your best friend. No hassle, just freedom on the go.

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Customer Reviews

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Adam Lieav

After spotting a neighbor using a hands-free leash, I was immediately intrigued and decided to get one for myself. I truly appreciate the convenience of being able to take my dog for a walk while also enjoying my morning coffee in a travel mug. This leash allows my furry friend to explore and sniff around while the bungee component provides just the right amount of flexibility. However, it's worth noting that if you have an especially lively and energetic dog, you should remain attentive as the bungee can stretch and allow them more room if they suddenly pull.

The included zippered case is a handy addition, and I've found it convenient for storing some bags. Wrapping it around my waist is a breeze, and I'm ready for our daily walks in no time. I've been using this leash every day, and it has made our walks much more enjoyable for both me and my dog.

Lily Adams

The grip is fantastic, even on rainy days.

mia johnston

Great investment for those aiming for leash-free running vibes.

Ashley Lewis

Clever design that shows understanding of a runner’s needs.

smith j

Waist bag convenience has turned our runs into a seamless experience.

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