At, our mission is to enhance the lives of medium and large breed dogs and their human companions by creating products that meet their unique needs. As dedicated pet parents of large breeds, we understand the importance of durability, longevity, and strength. We strive to design innovative dog leashes that offer superior control and reliability, ensuring both safety and comfort during every adventure.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond crafting exceptional products; we aim to build a community that celebrates the special bond between humans and their dogs. With Nova, our visionary four-legged CEO, leading the charge, we are on a mission to inspire unforgettable adventures, joyful walks, and wagging tails worldwide. At, we are not just a brand; we are a pack, united by our love for dogs and our dedication to creating a brighter and happier future for them all.

Our vision

At, our vision is to be the leading global brand that sets the gold standard for dog leashes, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of medium and large breed dogs. We aim to revolutionize the way these dogs and their humans experience the world together, ensuring every walk is a source of joy, safety, and connection through our innovative and durable products.

We aspire to become a trusted companion in the lives of millions of dogs and their owners by maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, functionality, and strength. Our vision extends beyond exceptional dog leashes; we seek to positively impact the larger canine community by supporting dog welfare initiatives, rescue organizations, and animal shelters. Our ultimate goal is to build a legacy of love and care, where dogs are valued, protected, and cherished, and where our furry friends can lead fulfilling lives alongside their human families.

With Nova, our inspiration and guiding light, we are determined to drive innovation in the pet industry, fostering a future where the needs of medium and large breed dogs are met with unparalleled excellence. Our vision is to create a harmonious and enriching relationship between humans and their loyal companions, fostering unforgettable moments of adventure, companionship, and happiness for generations to come. Together, we aspire to leave a paw-print on the world that reflects our deep commitment to the well-being and happiness of all dogs.